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What makes MANMAKER SPORTS different?  We are driven by the ambition  to create the most beautiful prints on the most high quality fabrics.  MANMAKER SPORTS was created by me, Mary Evert.  I'm a designer, yoga teacher, mom, and former fit model.  MANMAKER SPORTS was born out of my desire to wear unique, beautiful, and artistic prints on high quality performance fabric that stand up to major workouts. I enjoy the support of a close-knit team in which I have the benefit of receiveing awesome ideas, creative input, and listening ears.  Together we make MANMAKER SPORTS.

At first look, it's our prints that really set us a part from other brands.  There is a unique aesthetic to our prints that you will come to know and recognize as uniquely MANMAKER SPORTS.  It is my intention to bring you true function and fashion, genuine quality and beauty.  When you wear gear from MANMAKER SPORTS I want you to love how you feel and the way you look.  

I am passionate about quality.  I offer nothing that isn't of superb quality and made with detailed workmanship.  Every fabric and design is personally tested by me, in extreme conditions, so I know that I'm offering you the very best.  Our athletic bottoms are meant to be worn for everything you do: hot yoga, training sessions, running, CrossFit, SUP, SUP Yoga, and just going about your day looking awesome!  Product is proudly made locally, right here in the U.S.A.

Our tag line is BECOME YOUR BEST, but what does it mean?  It means being accountable and enjoying the journey to become the best version of yourself.  It means loving yourself enough to go for it and BECOME YOUR BEST.  We believe in this and hope we can help you BECOME YOUR BEST.

Why the name, MANMAKER SPORTS?  This is a question I get a lot!  As a yoga instructor who cross trains and enjoys multiple sports, I didn't want a name that sounded too yoga inspired.  Why?  Because the product is so high performance and stands up hot yoga, but also to lots of crazy, sweaty, athletic demands.  A "Man Maker" is a work out move commonly performed in Cross Fit boxes!  You get 2 dumbbells and hold them in plank position.  Do a push up where your chest hits the deck.  Row each dumbbell. Jump legs in, snatch both dumbbells and with dumbbells on your shoulders do a squat.  Stand up lifting dumbbells over your head. Dumbbells by your side to finish.  Repeat.

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