YUM Blueberry Pancakes: Gluten, Soy, and Dairy Free!

So, last weekend when my daughter asked to make blueberry pancakes again, I decided to make them so I could actually have some, too.  For me, that means they need to be gluten, soy, and dairy free.  They weren't picture perfect, but they were SO good!!  I wanted to share the recipe!  I broke out my ancient, but trusty, Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book with the Copyright date 1996.  As a guide, I followed the recipe for Pancakes and threw in my own adjustments and substitutes here and there.  Here's what I did:
1 C Gluten Free flour (I used King Arthur's measure for measure)
1 organic teaspoon sugar (next time I'll consider leaving this out due to sugar in the Vanilla Hemp Milk...and the sugar in the maple syrup!)
2 t baking powder
1 t organic ground cinnamon
1/4 t Himalayan Sea Salt
1 beaten egg, organic
1 C organic vanilla hemp milk
2 T organic coconut oil
few handfuls of fresh organic blueberries

Mix together all dry ingredients and make a little well in the middle.
In a different bowl, beat egg with hemp milk and coconut oil.  Pour into the dry ingredient bowl.  Stir it up with a rubber scraper until combined.  Fold in blueberries.

Grease the frying pan/griddle with coconut oil and pour your first batch!  Why does the first batch always come out looking the worst?  The subsequent batches are much prettier!  But they all taste GREAT!!  

If you try this recipe, or have a GF, SF, and DF recipe that you'd like to share I would love to know about it!!  

Here's to happy, blueberry pancake weekends!

Mary Evert, Creator

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