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blue bright capris leggings Siena's Hearts Siena's Heartws

I love art in all of its many forms and variances.  I'm amazed that we can all look at the same thing and have such different perceptions and opinions.  I believe that art is truly everywhere, if you choose to see it.  Sometimes art presents itself in unusual ways, like the day my (then) 6 year old daughter, Siena, came home from school with a brightly markered envelope that she designed herself.  I knew right away it was something special.

Siena has watched me start MANMAKER SPORTS from scratch. She has sat side by side with me while I penciled, drew, and painted hoping to create the next, newest design.  I love asking my daughter for her opinion as to what color combination she likes best, or which print is her favorite.  Siena has quite an eye and, well, I trust her!  So when I saw what she created on the envelope she brought home, I knew the next, newest design would be hers.

Siena's vibrant design was made with magic markers.  She carefully hid hearts in her design, unexpectedly winking at you here and there.  There are places where one color reaches out into the next, a perfect mistake...or, perhaps, it is art imitating life.  How often do we go out of bounds, stretch our limits, or reach beyond ourselves?  Probably not as often as we should.

At this writing, Siena and I cannot agree on a name for her print.  For now, I'm calling it "Siena's Hearts."  One thing we definitely agree on, however, is that through this print we want to take the opportunity to give back.  A portion of every sale from "Siena's Hearts" will be donated to St. Jude's Children's Hospital.

I hope "Siena's Hearts" gives you as much pleasure and happiness as we had on the journey making it come to life!

Mary Evert, Creator MANMAKER SPORTS
Siena Evert, Designer, age 7
Siena's Heart Legs

Siena's Hearts selfie
Siena's Hearts workout
The young artist


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