TRX Training Day

Oh, how my trainer, Jojo, loves the TRX!  He is always coming up with something interesting for me to do, that's for sure!

I love training on the TRX because you are really handling your own body weight, which, as a yogi, is something I am totally behind.  In the exercise you see me doing below in the video, I could only do 3 reps in a row... for now!!  Next time, I'll get better.  Hey, no matter what your fitness level is or where your starting point may be, the whole thing is to just start!!  No judging yourself, ever.  You're getting better and stronger.  Here at MANMAKER SPORTS we love to say... Become Your Best!!!  That's our tag line, our motto, our belief and it's what we try to do all of the time.  

In the video below I'm trying like crazy to stabilize my whole body while executing a pull up with the arms, working the abductors with the ankle band, and of course the abs are on fire.
*Wearing NEW printed leggings called *MOONFLOWER*
*I especially love the name of this print because you, the MMS community, sent in your suggestions and came up with this name!  Thank you!!  

As always, please feel free to send me your questions/thoughts/comments.  You can drop me a note at

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