Tire Throws! Who me? Yes, you!

Some things in life you just wouldn't do without a pal or encouragement from a friend, am I right?  

The video below shows me hurling a tire over my head and sprinting after it so I can do it again!  Needless to say, throwing around tires is not in my wheelhouse.  Well, let me rephrase it "wasn't" in my wheelhouse and now I love it!  This is all thanks to my amazing trainer, Jojo!  He believes in me, recognizes potential, and enjoys the power of the moment. Hard work comes in all forms, and it's the willingness to embrace challenge that helps us move forward.  Thank God for those people that see the best in us, challenge us, and believe in us.  Thanks, Jojo!  
Please share with me what you do that challenges you to "Become Your Best."  I'd love to know who encourages you to do better and "Become Your Best" in relation to any aspect of your life.  Now I need to find a bigger tire....    
Mary Evert, Creator