This AB Exercise is Extremely Effective and Actually FUN!

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I will be the first one to admit that abdominal work is just not my favorite thing to do. Although, arguably, strong abs could be the most important part of any fitness regime.  If you think of all of your movements initiating from your core center, you will quickly begin to realize the importance of abdominal strength.   

In the video below you'll see one of my favorite exercises to increase core strength.  My trainer, Jojo, always gives me amazing exercises that challenge lots of muscle groups and keep my mind on the task at hand!  The exercise Jojo has me do in this video is actually fun because there is more to think about than just grinding out crunches. The TRX adds a stabilization element which gives you more bang for your buck. Also, I love that this exercise uses the forearm as the base so there is no pressure on the wrist. While on the forearm, you need to be aware not to dump into the bottom, supporting shoulder. To lift out of the bottom shoulder use your core engagement, lifted hips, and engaged legs.  Inhale when legs are long and exhale as you bring your knees toward your chest. Moving something (like those grey foam pads) keeps your mind busy while your body is strengthening all of those little stabilization muscles that help you in every day functionality and also help to protect you from injury.

If you decide to try this, I'd love to know if you end up loving it too!  

Mary Evert, Creator

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