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Starting Yoga.... showing up little by little

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Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Linzi Altabet, the force behind “Happy, Healthy, Stronger,” as the guest yoga teacher on her show.   Linzi wanted me to explain to her viewers how just about anyone could start to practice basic yoga in the comfort of one’s own home.  This got me thinking back to the days of my first attempts at practicing yoga.  At first, yoga was a class offered at the gym that I begrudgingly attended once or twice a month because…   I felt like maybe I should.   What was that all about?  In class there was no...

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Happy New Year 2016: An Update!

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NEW YEARS DAY BLOG Hello, MANMAKER SPORTS COMMUNITY!!!  It’s been a long time, 5 months now, since we’ve blogged.  We’re already 5 months old!  We have learned so much during these past few months and it’s all because of you!  Thank you for your feedback, pictures, videos, comments, participation, and support!  You  ROCK!!  We are getting better and moving forward so here’s the scoop… let’s get up to speed. We’ve definitely learned some things!  First of all, we now know we can’t wait 5 months to blog.  Yes, we had to learn that.  (Ok, so now we know!)  When the...

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