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Yesterday, MANMAKER SPORTS took note of another awesome review, and I want to share with you the reasons why this makes me feel total elation!  First, here's the review that inspired this blog:


I am so excited to have the true black crop from MANMAKER! The quality is exactly as I have come to expect from this brand. I especially love them for my crossfit workouts. You can get really dirty in crossfit with barbells and burpees and true black can handle it and even better these crops give me the support my muscles need for a challenging and grueling work out. I perform better when I am wearing any of my MANMAKER pants or crops and I know its because of the incredible spandex like fabric these are made from. Another Hit MANMAKER!!!! The only thing better is two pairs instead of one because they get worn all the time!

I'm reading barbells, burpees, dirty work, and muscle support.  Sounds like MANMAKER SPORTS needs to be able to handle this kind of action!  Love to hear it!  

When I started this company, almost 1 year ago, my mission was to provide something better than what was out there.  By better, I mean the best.  It's got to be something that I, Mary Evert, believe to be the best.  Otherwise, I wouldn't bother making it for you.  My motivation was, and is, to create athletic bottoms that are gorgeous to look at, make you feel amazing wearing them, and that MUST perform for you at your sweatiest, toughest, and most grueling exercise moment!  So, when I see reviews that detail the "where" and the "what" you, the customer, rocked your MANMAKER SPORTS gear I'm so happy because I get a clearer vision of your interests and ultimately what you insist that your athletic bottoms must do for you.  I absolutely LOVE getting to know you and reviews are such a great way for me to understand your point of view.  Please keep them coming!  

I thank you for your support, reviews, and sharing through pictures and video what you are loving to do in your active lives!  You motivate me.  I thank you for that.

Become Your Best,

Mary Evert

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  • Christina on

    My sister bought these for me as an early birthday present and I don’t want to take them off!!!! I have received so many compliments and had to in turn compliment the designer. They make me look and feel good! Thank you.

  • Cassie on

    These are MUST HAVE pants. They are versatile for gym, out on the town, school pick up, anything! The material is soft, the designs unique and the fit perfect. She has mastered the art of comfortable and chic clothing. I am proud to know Mary and even prouder to wear her clothing line.

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