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If you know MANMAKER SPORTS, you know that we are always working on amazing PRINTS for our leggings!!!  We LOVE prints!!!  This past summer we had the opportunity to travel to Italy for a fabulous vacation!!  Personally, I came back with a taste for Aperol Spritzes and tons of print inspiration for our new line, the Studio Collection!  (Hmm, maybe the Aperol Spritzes and inspiration sort of went hand in hand, now that I think about it)... anyway, both are celebratory and beautiful!  In this blog, I'll explain the inspiration behind the print "Graffiti Street Pop".  This is the first print from the Studio Collection and it is full of personality, fun, rock, and pop!  

When I visited fair Verona this summer, I found it to be spectacularly beautiful in the most quaint and approachable way.  Verona was small enough that I can remember the gorgeous details, and the gorgeous details were many!  There was stunning architecture, ancient cathedrals, winding roads to hilltop views, and flowers everywhere.  I would describe Verona as very, very clean and not quite so urban, but rather, like a sprawling lush town.  So, it may surprise you, that the inspiration for putting the print "Graffiti Street Pop" on the line actually came from Verona!

While in Verona, the family and I made it a point to visit Juliet's balcony... how could we not?  And, on the way to the fair maiden's balcony we had to walk through a stone-walled entrance tucked off the main road.  The stone walls were completely covered in graffiti.  There were love notes, initials, band-aids to heal broken hearts, many messages to loves from loves, and it felt like a busy, modern ode to Juliet, and an ode to Love in general.  It was beautiful and it certainly had a message.  I think that like Juliet's graffiti, our "Graffiti Street Pop" print stands out on it's own, has a personal message, and feels different. 

Traveling within Italy, of course, we took trains!  The graffiti on the outside of the trains was colorful and bright and went hand-in-hand with the movement of living life out loud!  This was a major part of the graffiti inspiration as well... all of that color, personality, and was awesome!  I hope you enjoy the pictures from the trip, and, most of all, I hope you LOVE our "Graffiti Street Pop" print!  
Inspired in Italy; Made in the USA.

Mary Evert, Creator
"Become Your Best"


  Juliet's Balcony Underneath Juliet's Balcony  Gelato break in Verona's ancient market

Verona's Santa Anastasia  Verona Santa Anastasia floor

Mary rooftop Verona Hotel Due Torre  J and S Verona hilltop




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