Planks+ Knees = Oblique Work!

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My trainer, Jojo, is the best!  He is always figuring out different exercises that require TONS of muscles so you really get the most bank for your buck, per movement.  In the video below, Jojo gives the average plank, a major make over!

First, I have weight attached to my ankles which adds brings new challenge, but also helps access bringing the knee closer to the upper arm/elbow.  If you are someone who can't quite bring your knee to your upper arm/elbow area this exercise actually assists that movement.  This is because the weight on the ankle wants to get pulled back to the machine so it is helping you glide through the movement and, perhaps, gain some depth bringing that knee to upper arm/elbow.  Major core work, including an emphasis on the obliques, sustains the movement.  If you translate this exercise to a yoga practice, you'll be flying through some arm balances with greater strength and ease.  

But, as the saying goes, what goes up must come down!  After the weight assists the knee find the upper arm/elbow you then need to push away from the machine using leg and glutes to place foot back at plank position.

Lastly, add the push up.  (I don't think Jojo ever wastes any time in a plank with out doing a push-up!)  Push-ups are just one of those things you have to do over and over and it gets better.  If you practice yoga, you'll find that doing push-ups when you're off the mat will help you gain so much strength and you'll see the difference in how light your yoga practice will feel.  Major chest and arm workout but also, and very importantly, core workout.  Please remember to engage the core to protect the back.  Breath work and core work go hand in hand for a safe workout.  :) 

If you try this, please let me know!!  Also, if you have any cool work outs that you'd like to share I would love to hear about it!  Please email me or comment on this blog.  

*Wearing: Poppy Watercolor Leggings by MANMAKER SPORTS
*Training Credit:  Jojo Nicholson, Lifetime Fitness

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