One-legged Crow Pose/Self Talk

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Don't you love when you can get yourself into a new yoga pose?  Yes, we do yoga to quiet the monkey mind chatter and to stay engaged in the moment.  Surely, practicing yoga is keeps us moving toward balancing a calm mind with a healthy, balanced body.  But, sometimes it's pretty fun when we can do a yoga pose that our mind told us was "off limits" or that we "could not" do.  Do you tell yourself "no" before you even attempt?  

This past summer I took a yoga workshop on inversions with Instagram's "Fit Queen Irene." Irene showed us a simple adjustment that made one-legged crow totally accessible.  Sure, it's still not easy, but it's accessible!  Here's the simple tip:  when getting into one-legged crow place your knee to rest just above the place where your elbow bends.  Instead of trying to get your knee closer to the upper arm, simply let your bent knee rest right above the elbow joint.  This offers better leverage and your opposite leg can lift off to create the balance to allow this pose to happen.  

The little bit of guidance that made one-legged crow happen for me was also eye-opening beyond the physical level.  It's made me think about how often I consciously or subconsciously tell myself "no, I can't."  What?!  Self talk is super important.  This experience and the outcome served as such a reminder to me to change the inner voice, when need be, to "I can" and "I will" and "yes" instead of the "I can't." There are people in this world that will try and tell you why you can't.  Don't be one of them.

I challenge you to try one-legged crow but, more importantly, I challenge you to tell yourself "yes, I can!" and create more positive self talk.  Whether it's a new yoga pose, a job interview, taking a healthy risk, or just allowing yourself some forgiveness in order to move on to greener pastures... be your own cheerleader!  It helps.
xo, Mary Evert

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