My Top 3 New Year Resolutions for 2017!

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The new year is always filled with promise and hope!  What an exciting time!!  This is the time to really believe in yourself.  The motto of MANMAKER SPORTS is "Become Your Best" and New Year's is the perfect time of year to commit to self-improvement.  I'm sharing my top 3 New Year's resolutions toward self betterment.  

1) Beginning the day with INTENTIONS.  Just like in yoga class when the teacher (I ask this of my students) asks to call an intention to mind that springs from the heart.  What is your intention for the day?  More to the point, what is your intention for the day before your busy monkey mind chatter/ego tells you why that intention won't work, or shoots it down somehow.  Ignore ego and mind chatter and clearly state what you WANT for yourself that day.  Each day is a gift and setting an intention (or many intentions!) is an awesome way to start a beautiful day for yourself.    

2) POSITIVE THOUGHTS  This also goes back to the monkey mind/chatter full of ego, judgement, and fear.  I am seriously trying to recognize when the thoughts go south and direct them north again.  We create our reality around our thoughts.  Making good thoughts is monumental.  The more joy we recognize the more joy we let into our lives.  Think good thoughts and let the joy happen everywhere.  I love it!!

3) TUNE IN TO THE INSIDE.  Sometimes I don't notice how I'm feeling on the inside because I'm over focused on what I need to do on the outside.  I'm sure you all know what I'm talking about.  The endless "to do" lists, go here, finish this, be that, etc...  But, the good news is that the "to do" lists become more easily manageable when we pause to check out how we are internally reacting to all of this.  We know  what we know because our emotions, our gut reaction, our instincts tell us what our mind is telling us.  We are in sync.  But, if we forget to check in with our internal navigation (heart, gut, emotion) than our external navigation takes over.  There's a balance here and I think there is tremendous value in examining the relationship to what we are doing and what we are feeling throughout the day.  This is my 3rd resolution.  To check in with my internal self and make sure it's in accordance to the things I'm doing and saying on the outside.  This is where the magic happens, I'm pretty sure!!  This is where the all elusive "balance" comes in...  I'll let you know how I do!!!  

Please let me know what are your resolutions?  How are you planning to "Become Your Best" this year?  Whatever it is, I'm know you can do it!  You can do anything you put your mind and heart to do!

Check out the video below.  MANMAKER SPORTS participated as a vendor at "Something Big 2017" hosted by Leslie Glickman/Yoga Journey in Boca Raton.  It was a free yoga, outside, gorgeous day, open to the public.  How amazing is it when we come together to become better and raise the vibration?  What a great way to start 2017! 

Here's to wishing you all the very best that you can squeeze out of each day this year!
Thanks for reading and checking in with

Mary Evert, Creator

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