Memorial Day Thoughts

When we think of Memorial Day we think of picnics, time off of school and work, parties, red, white, and blue, American flags, outside games, watermelon, hot dogs, and cold beer! We are Americans and this is our holiday!  Our celebration of food, family, and friends is a celebration of our freedom!  We are so deeply thankful to those Americans that fought, and fight today, for our rights and the privilege to be a free American.  

This Memorial Day I exercised my right as a free American, business owner, woman entrepreneur, and (transplant) Floridian!  I enjoyed the Florida Keys and hosted a fabulous trunk show at Ocean Reef, Key Largo.  I was extra proud that on this special holiday I could offer my blood, sweat, and tears that is MANMAKER SPORTS and 100% American Made! The freedoms we enjoy in this great country allow me to run a company the way I see fit and produce superior quality products proudly made in the U.S.A..  

This year, I am extremely grateful to be American and have an American made business.  I hope you and yours had a fantastic Memorial Day 2017!!!

Mary Evert, Creator

Comments, questions, stories, or input?  Let me know!  I love to hear from you!  

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