Palm Beach Art and Travel: the woman visionary and a special feature for MANMAKER SPORTS.

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Annie Davis is a woman entrepreneur, a trail blazer, and a visionary.  Annie is the owner of Palm Beach Travel, a luxury travel agency known for its knack of exceeding client expectations.  Annie continues to exceed expectations with the brand new launch of her unique creation, Palm Beach Art and Travel.   Palm Beach Art and Travel includes an art gallery which showcases fine art of different modalities from renown, local, and up and coming artists.  The cultural and visual experience of the art gallery is a delight for the art aficionado, travel connoisseur, or anyone who simply enjoys taking in the beauty of it all.  

We asked Annie to share with us, in her own words, about Palm Beach Art and Travel. Here's what she said:

MMS:  It's amazing what you've done in creating the art gallery.  How do you connect travel and art?
AD:  "Both art and travel can leave you speechless. It is your interpretation of how you experience each, that is the gift.   I am fortunate enough to be able to bring both of my passions, travel and art to others."

MMS: Annie, you have such an enthusiastic appreciation for the arts.  In addition to that, why do you love the gallery?
AD:  "The gallery is a gift. A gift of joy, a gift of beauty, a gift of success and a gift of gratitude. There are so many emotions and incredible beauty inside my gallery, my artists and the art. It is amazing to me to have the ability to share and nurture feelings in our collectors and guests. Everyone takes away something special when they visit us and view our collections. Our gallery unites all through art because art is a universal language. With travel, it is very similar." 
MMS:  Among the many hats you so successfully wear, you are a busy mom, dedicated business entrepreneur, and now art gallery owner!  What makes you so passionate about your business?
AD:  "Having the ability to create businesses that enable other people to grow and succeed drives me. It was very difficult to start a small business. I could not have done it without the help and support of others. I will never forget. I can repay them by helping others grow and succeed in their passions."

 We are incredibly honored that you have chosen MANMAKER SPORTS athletic wear to be the featured as the Pop Up Shop within the art gallery.  We feel so privileged to be among such distinguished artists.  Why have you chosen MANMAKER SPORTS for the art gallery?
AD: "Each piece of MANMAKER SPORTS we carry merges fine art and athletics, something unique and fun we can bring to our clients."

Thank you, Annie Davis!  We are so excited for you and to be a part of this amazing space that you have created!!  Check out the video clip showing a bit of the space of Palm Beach Art and Travel. For more information:
Palm Beach Art and Travel
214B South Ocean Blvd
Manalapan, FL

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