Life is a Push and a Pull: Reflection and a Video

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Life is a push and a pull, right?  Again and again I see how life in the gym, on the yoga mat, and in the physical arena in general, mirrors every day life and relationships.

I was just chatting with a friend of mine about her relationship with her boyfriend.  She was telling me how things are going better than ever for them and it's a steady push and pull between them.  She said the relationship is exciting and balanced at the same time... the push and pull was right on track.  This got me thinking about how relationships flourish and how our every day lives stay balanced.  We've gotta have that push and pull!  Bodies and minds are meant to be in motion and without that opposite action, where can we go?  It's nice to have something to push against and it's great to feel the pull coming.  This is how we learn, grow, and evolve.

On the physical level, the push exercises and pull exercises recruit totally different muscles. Incorporating push and pull exercises is a great way to access more muscles in your movements, therefore getting more bang for your buck within your exercise routine.

Check out the video below.  See how this exercise accesses different muscle groups in addition to maintaining major core stabilization. Pectorals and triceps are pushing (left side) and biceps and lats are pulling (right side). Core engagement and firing up the legs help keep the body steady.
(Training cred: JoJo Nicholson at Lifetime Fitness)

I love to hear your comments, see your pictures and videos!  Please feel free to comment below.

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