Infrared Sauna: Love at First Light

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One of my favorite yoga studios here in Boca Raton is Yoga South.  I received my yoga teacher training at Yoga South back in 2009 and whenever I'm there it feels like home.
When I saw that Yoga South installed an Infrared Sauna I was intrigued.  I had been hearing about the various health benefits of Infrared Sauna and Chromotherapy (color therapy) for a while now, and lately it seems I've been hearing about it more and more. Since I'm always looking for ways to improve my health, feel better and ... the major one for me.. reduce stress, I bought a package and have started weekly sessions.  I LOVE my time in the sauna and let me share with you a few reasons why.

1) CHROMOTHERAPY: I love choosing the color of light in which I will bask and sweat!  Each color represents a different healing energy, just as the chakras are associated with different colors and energies along the body.  To me, it's nice to tap in to what feels right.   Choosing the light that feels right at that particular time is always the "right" choice.  It's fun!  The pictures in this blog are from my last session where I chose Indigo.  Right now I'm dealing with some inflammation in the body that is flaring as eczema on my hand.  The blue light is excellent for inflammation and promoting relaxation and easing mental tension.  This blue light brings to mind cool water dousing a fire.  The Indigo is one of my favorite lights these days.

2) HEAT:  I love to sweat!  There's a control panel to set how hot the sauna actually gets.  Some saunas suggest 110-125 degrees F as optimal. Profuse sweating is not necessary to experience the relaxing benefits of the infrared sauna.  But, if you're like me and love to sweat, then you can crank up the heat to 135-140 F.  I always feel like my skin looks amazing after a great sweat session and it just makes me feel really good.  I also love cozy, cocoon-like feel that the sauna offers.  It's my time to shut out the rest of the world and just melt away and relax.

3) AFTER: I'm calmer and totally relaxed.  There's this magical feeling after walking out of a sauna to go about the rest of the day.  It's almost as if you have this little happy secret and you are sitting in a sweet pond of calm.  And this feeling lasts!  I'm finding that with each sauna session I'm able to cling on to this wonderful full body-mind calm a teeny bit longer.  

My goal is to go at least 2x a week and see what changes I notice in my overall being.  I do think the relaxation component is the key to better health.  I'll blog about this again to let you know how I progress and what other colors add to the experience.  So, until next time, I'll keep feeling blue.. but in the most relaxing way possible. :) 

Mary Evert, Creator

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