Handstand Practice and Lessons in Getting There

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We love handstands!  Who doesn't enjoy watching someone rock this pose? But why are handstands so intriguing, almost more so than any other pose?  Perhaps because of what handstands represent.

Handstands seem to signify something magical, freeing, and childlike. With feet floating in the air, there is a quality of effortlessness and a wink of rebelliousness.  Everyday we humans walk on our feet, rushing around, to and fro.  A handstand breaks the chain of the mundane.  It is the choice to flip perspective and accomplish the unexpected.  How fun is that?  Beyond fun, it's empowering to be able to literally turn your world upside down and feel incredibly rooted and strong; it is joyful!

So now you know how we feel about handstands.  And here's the best part: constantly practicing and trying to improve, over and over and over again.  In the practice there lies the truth and the joy!  Of course those moments of totally aligned hang time are precious, thrilling, and satisfying... but, the practice getting there is so rewarding and powerful. Your body won't lie to you.  Feeling shaky, imbalanced, anxious... those are roadblocks to handstands and in your life on your feet.  Garnering confidence, strength, and compassion?  You're on your way to a better handstand and to a more gratifying daily experience when you're on your feet! 

Check out the video below.  You can see the practice of popping up into a handstand. Witness the shaky arms, searching for balance.  Hear the slow breathing, finding calm upside down.  Notice the over extension and moments of instability.  Don't blink and enjoy the split seconds of true alignment with strong legs and long, unbent arms.  This is our practice.  It's wavering, searching, exploring, trusting, and so much more.  Thanks for watching and sharing in our joy and in our handstand journey.




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