Ginger + Tumeric Tea

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MANMAKER SPORTS is always looking for new ways to eat and feel better.  Lately, we are obsessed with a spicy, iced tea that is DEElish!!  It's a Ginger + Tumeric tea and it's easy to make.  We're going to share with you how we make this delightful summer tea, and why it's so good for you.

Ginger root has been enjoyed for centuries and relied upon because if its power to soothe gastrointestinal distress. Most people are familiar with Ginger easing nausea.  But did you know that Ginger does so much more?  This incredible root contains substances called "gingerols" that reduce inflammation throughout the body.  Ginger is a natural anti-viral weapon, and recent research has even shown Ginger to protect against certain cancers.

Tumeric contains curcumin, which is also extremely beneficial in fighting inflammation. Curcumin contains anti-oxidants that help the body ward off damage to healthy cells. Curcumin has been studied in relation to helping the body heal from things like IBS to rheumatoid arthritis. 

1. With a wooden mortar and pestle crush 1 piece of peeled tumeric and about 4" of peeled ginger
2. Into a pot add about 4 cups of water and add the crushed tumeric and ginger
3. Boil at least 10 minutes
4. Pour into glass loaded with ice 
5. Sweeten with organic Stevia to taste
6. Eat the yummy ginger and tumeric tidbits left in the bottom of your glass!  
Mmmmmm!  Cheers!


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