Functional Fitness: My View

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Every Thursday I work out with my trainer, Jojo.  He always keeps work outs super fun and very interesting.  I do things during our 1 hour training session that I could never dream up on my own!  Not only is Jojo creative and brilliant at his job, but Jojo is a huge believer in functional fitness.  Functional fitness is based on getting stronger and more efficient in movements that you would use during your every day life.  This does not mean that the work out is monotonous and directly imitates what you do every day (Stair Master anyone?)... it mimics movements you would do and strengthens major muscles and teeny stabilizer muscles that help keep you supported and avoid injury.  It seems rather than repetition we do different things all of the time.  Variety is the spice of life, and the pulse of each Thursday training session!

Whether flipping tires, dragging a 130 lb. ring around, or balancing on 1 foot with a plate on my back, these fun and varied work outs are making me a stronger woman, mom, and competitor in my every day life!  Physically I know I can pick up my 59 pound 6 year old and not throw out my back!  I feel great accomplishment in challenging myself and feeling the difference when I keep up the training week after week.  My yoga practice feels lighter and effortless when I'm strong.  Functional fitness is a huge key into my well being, body and mind.  

Here is a recent video (wearing "Downtown" tights from the Comfort Collection) from a bit of Jojo functional training!  Challenging, creative, and fun!!  

I'd love to hear about your favorite work out!  
Here's to your health and always Becoming your Best!!

~Mary Evert, Creator



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