Fashion NOW: Summer 2016 in Paris and Florence

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Here at MANMAKER SPORTS, we love to travel, experience other cultures, and exercise our existence as citizens of the world!  Just 5 days ago we were in Europe and had the pleasure of visiting Paris, France and 3 cities in Italy: San Gimignano, Siena, and Florence.

The trip was a mixture of business and pleasure.  It was awesome to see the fashion and feel the pulse of what's going on in such bustling fashion capitals like Paris and Florence. We've done our fashion homework and we're super excited about planning our Fall 2016 Collection!  For this post, however, we want to share what we noticed happening right now, this moment, the fashion current circulating within Summer 2016!  Here's some fashion Q&A to keep you in the know:

Are Prints still happening?  YES!  Prints are totally on-trend from shoes to accessories, and of course, on your favorite work out bottoms!  We saw prints with smaller dimensions, rather than large and overpowering.  Classic Leopard and Bloom are perfect examples of prints that are on the smaller side and totally flattering.

What color is the HOTTEST color right now?  PURPLE!  Eye-popping purple bedding, purses, home decor, florals, and accessories delighted us, particularly throughout Paris!  We are really excited that our Spring/Summer 2016 "Kaleidoscope" Hybrid Crops show an array of gorgeous PURPLE hues as we were seeing this royal color everywhere!

Is there a major day-to-day trend?  YES!  Comfort!  We saw, universally, low-heeled shoes and what we call "sneaker-shoes,"that is, sneakers that look like a cross between tennis shoes and loafers.  Jeans and typical trousers made way for leggings and printed tights.  Our passion for creating fashionable active wear that looks and feels amazing for everyday wear, is totally in overdrive after this trip!

We love to express our interpretation of fashion and the beauty that we see in the world through the prints we create.   Inspiration is truly everywhere and the joy is finding it in unexpected places!  

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