Fashion and Function

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Here at MANMAKER SPORTS we take fashion seriously.  We also take sports, exercise, and sweating very seriously.  You hear "fashion and function" thrown around a lot, but what does it mean?  Here's what it means to us...

We offer prints that are super fashionable and flattering.  If the print is not flattering on the body, it doesn't make the cut.  We want YOU to look and feel super hot and confident when you wear our gear.  Our goal is for you to think of us when you know you're ready for a new print in your wardrobe.  And, yes, we seriously do mean that you can wear our prints and make a super cute outfit out of them!  Boots, top, and you're off to looking awesome and wearing something ridiculously comfortable.  

Function means that you can wear our gear for whatever activity you have lined up for the day!  Our tights dry super quickly and always have 4 way stretch to move with you.  We think compression is important when it supports, NOT constricts.  Here are some things you guys do in our tights:  tabata, barre, run, golf, acrobat swing, yoga, train, CrossFit, hike, SUP yoga... and more!!!  

So throw on your sneakers or pull up your party boots.  We want to hear and see what you do in your MANMAKER SPORTS tights!  

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