A Tool to Follow Your Heart: Mirror

Recently I spoke with someone very wise.  We talked about the importance of tapping into one's true nature, one's genuine true self.  And, beyond tapping into this place of authenticity how do we stay there?  Can we live in a way that resonates with our inner selves where our external actions and words always come from a place of goodness? How do we deal with negative people and situations and not get dragged away from our best, true selves?

A lot of philosophical ground was covered in that conversation, but for the sake of this blog I'd like to share with you something that I found extremely useful and that I hope you might find useful as well.  It's a sort of mental tool that you can keep in your toolbox to help reel yourself in if you find yourself in a negative situation or having to deal with someone who might be dragging you down. You can remember what to do in 1 word: MIRROR.

The idea is that you need to be aware of what you are mirroring back in any given situation toward any individual or situation.  For example, if someone is really pushing your buttons and dragging you down, do you mirror that back?  Let's say you do.  How do you feel during and after that exchange?  Chances are you are angry, didn't solve anything, and learned nothing from the exchange.  You are, in fact, adding to the negativity.  Now imagine yourself mirroring some of the truest and best parts of you. Your "true self" is the place where you are not judged or held up to expectation.  The true self is your heart. What do you find there?  What feels the best?  See if you can name 3 things.  Maybe your true self is compassionate, loving, and graceful.  Now act/react mirroring those 3 things that YOU have inside.  Since you're coming from a place of truth it doesn't matter what is being hurled at you from the outside.  It's just noise.  

Is any of this easy? No, it's not.  But thinking of this "mirror" can be a great way to observe yourself and notice what your role is in what you are creating in your life.  
One of my favorite yoga poses is the "Fish" pose, or Matsyasana in Sanskrit.  It's a big heart and throat opener.  This pose is very freeing and will help you open up to your own loving heart and your own truth.  Only do this pose after you are very, very warmed up. Fish pose usually comes at the very end of a vinyasa yoga sequence because it requires such opening and compliance from your back and spine as well as the whole front body. If you're not warmed up but you would like to feel a sweet heart opener do some shoulder rolls.  Start by lifting your shoulders up by your ears, then push them back, and finally let your shoulders slide down your back toward your sit bones.  Do this a few times and you will find yourself with excellent posture and a feeling of an open heart ready to receive that which you are mirroring to the world...

Here's to your truth and the loving kindness in all of us.  Namaste.

Mary Evert, Creator


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