Become Your Best: Switch it Up!

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Now that it's a full month past New Year's it's time to assess how those fitness goals, and "resolutions" made with the best of intentions, are playing out in reality.  Are you starting to see cracks in your resolve, or finding yourself less committed and tired of the same old thing?  It may be time to switch up your fitness routine and try something new!  

Trying something new doesn't mean that you're giving up on your resolutions.  In fact, switching up your routine actually helps create fresh perspectives all around.  You may end up with renewed dedication to the exercise routine that is starting to feel old, as well as learn something new that challenges and inspires.

The possibilities for newness are endless and you can venture just a teeny bit from your norm or try something completely out of your comfort zone.  The benefits are good for your brain, your muscles, and self-confidence!  Here are just a few examples of how to "switch it up" and get fired up again!

  • Want to Sweat?  Try HOT yoga, either flow or a fixed routine.  Hot Yoga torches calories, adds a cardiovascular kick, and aids detoxification through breath work and serious sweat!
  • Runner?  Get a change of scenery.  Head outside, add hills, switch up the pace and create your own intervals, or simply take a new route.
  • Could us a little Inspiration?  Sign up for a group class!  You'll get to enjoy the benefits of watching others as you learn.  Why not try a Zumba, Bootcamp, or Barre class?
  • Gym rat?   Ask a trainer to show you a new machine.  To work strength, endurance, and balance try this move on the ROPE machine:    

 You'll only reap the benefits by switching up your exercise routine!  Keep it fresh and you'll have an easier time staying on track while having fun.  

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