Starting Yoga.... showing up little by little

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Recently I had the pleasure of collaborating with Linzi Altabet, the force behind “Happy, Healthy, Stronger,” as the guest yoga teacher on her show.   Linzi wanted me to explain to her viewers how just about anyone could start to practice basic yoga in the comfort of one’s own home.  This got me thinking back to the days of my first attempts at practicing yoga. 

At first, yoga was a class offered at the gym that I begrudgingly attended once or twice a month because…   I felt like maybe I should.   What was that all about?  In class there was no joy, no ease, and no inner bliss:  “How many calories am I burning, anyway?   Why is this class 90 minutes?  This is so boring!  I can’t touch my toes!”  Oh, the monkey mind chatter went on and on.  But, I kept going back.  Why?  I wanted something that I didn’t have.

I felt an aura surrounding yoga and yoga teachers.  Yoga seemed to involve some mystical knowing and unlock a secretive inner calm.  Yoga appeared to exist for those living a peaceful way of life, seeking higher purpose like flowers reaching for the sun.  I definitely wanted to be around that.  Even if I was nowhere near touching my toes.

Fast forward 10+ years later and I’m no mystic and have no secret to inner calm.  But I do lots of yoga.  I’m a RYT200 and have the pleasure of daily yoga in my life.  The transformation from newbie to teacher happened through many years.  But, the best transformation was simply showing up little by little and allowing yoga to move from something very difficult to becoming something beautiful.  The yoga didn’t change, but I did.  

Mary Evert

Video:  Click below to check out “YOGA FOR BEGINNERS WITH MARY EVERT” on Happy, Healthy, Stronger!

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