This first blog is just to share with you something we've learned along the way in making MANMAKER SPORTS a reality.  It's the importance of Community.  We are beyond excited to have MANMAKER SPORTS up and running... it's been a long time coming!   

The dream was to produce the "perfect tight".  For us, that meant something that would support enough to withstand a major training session AND feel completely weightless during a sweat-drenched yoga class: totally Functional.  We also wanted to create amazing prints, and to us that meant they had to be vibrant, kick-ass, fun, cool, different, expressive, artistic.  And so, step by step, the journey began... 

During the journey of fulfilling our vision of MANMAKER SPORTS we learned the importance of others who support, listen, and offer valuable advice.  We learned how crucial it is to surround yourself with positive people!!  Positive people want you to succeed and share time, talent, and perspective.  We learned that through these exchanges with each other, we become Community.  So we have to thank you... all of you who have become a part of our journey and our Community. 





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