Acro Yoga: Trust and Let Go!

MANMAKER SPORTS had a groovy time participating as a vendor at The Yoga Expo at the Broward Center Convention Center, Fort Lauderdale  (  As an added bonus we had the pleasure of being located next to Acupuncture Advantage.  (Acupuncture Advantage is an awesome place to grab some acupuncture on the go... we will definitely explain more about acupuncture in another blog!)  This post, however, is more related to what happens when you trust and let go.  Step outside of self-imposed boundaries and living without judgement or expectations, even if for just a bit.

Case in point:  we had no idea we would be experiencing Acro Yoga at The Yoga Expo yesterday.  MANMAKER SPORTS had the pleasure of mixing with an incredible health-minded community during this fun event.  There was a mini demonstration right in front of our booth by Carlos Diaz of Trio Yoga (  As we were "oooohing" and "aahhhhing" Carlos said, "You can be next to fly!"  What?!  Wait, umm, excuse me, what, us? Cue the excitement and the trepidation!  Excitement said, "Hooray for trying something new! Flying airplane just like we did as kids! Go ahead, take advantage of jumping in!  Don't forget how great it feels learning something new!"  And the fear spoke also, "You can't do this!  You'll get hurt!  What if you fall on your butt?  People are totally going to laugh at you!" So, what's a MANMAKER SPORTS girl to do?  Thank goodness judgement, fear, labels, and self-perceived limitations were completely pushed aside. This girl chose to go for it, explore, trust, and learn.  This girl chose to FLY!  Was it the prettiest, most perfect, amazing first attempt (in Classic Leopard, no less!) ever?  Probably not, but hey, look at how much fun you can have when you choose to let go, trust, and disassociate with labels.  No labels, no judgement.  We mean it when we say BECOME YOUR BEST.  Fear creates opportunity.  You can fly,! 

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