To Know it is to Love it: Bok Choy!

Everybody knows broccoli and kale are super foods!  They can be prepared in a million different ways... but lately, our taste buds have been searching for an alternative to our usual green choices. Something more exotic, maybe?  Searching the produce aisle, we picked up Bok Choy.  Even though it sounds foreign, exotic, and gourmet, Bok Choy is actually a very simple food to prepare.  Delicious, mild, and vitamin packed Bok Choy is now on our "green" rotation!  It looks like a mix between fennel, celery, and cabbage sitting in the produce section.  This little cruciferous gem is packed with vitamins and minerals and is considered a super food itself!  There's no waste because every bit of the Bok Choy is great to eat and totally delish!  All we did was wash, chop, and lightly saute with some olive oil, fresh minced garlic, Himalayan Sea salt, and freshly ground black pepper.  Voila!  Try Bok Choy as a fresh new addition to your super food line up!  
Check out these mega health benefits:

*Excellent source of Vitamin K (which helps the body utilize Vitamin D, among other top benefits)
*Helps reduce inflammation.  
*Antioxidant power which helps reduce damage causing free-radicals
*Great source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A
* Contains manganese, zinc, and potassium
*Packed with cell-protecting flavonoids 


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