The Spring Line Up: Who, What, and Why!

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*Thanks to all of you who participated in our "name the print!" game!  You came up with super creative and utterly delicious suggestions!  Some notables were Forte, Raspberry Rush, Spring Bling, Purple Haze, Ophelia,Sanctified, Power Punch, and many more! Most of you chose Kaleidoscope with Stained Glass coming in second.  Kaleidoscope it is!  And so appropriate... the print morphs from side to side, front to back.  Kaleidoscope is truly a perfect fit.*

Now we have our 4 new crop prints up and loaded online for your viewing and purchasing pleasure!  Here's the new line up of crops, and an explanation of why we created this particular group of prints: 

Kaleidoscope We LOVE this original print because of the color mix and print flow.  We explained how the print changes depending on the angle and position of the body to the viewer.  This adds a unique twist to the print and makes you want to keep looking at it because there's so much to see!  The colors are intense, mysterious, and lush.  This print is rooted in deep purples with lots of fresh colors bursting from within.  Bright yellow, fruit punch, and periwinkle cascade and intermingle creating a visual feast.

Bloom What welcomes spring time and warm weather more than flowers?  We definitely wanted a floral based print for our spring collection.  We simply adore how this print is a wonderful combination of the feminine, artistic, and bold.  Oranges, turquoise based blues, plums, and hot pinks offer the look of a watercolor painting.   

Classic Leopard There are leopard prints, and there are leopard prints.  This one we love because as the name implies, it's totally classic.  Anyone can wear this Classic Leopard print and look fabulous!  We did our homework (see our blog on Spring Trends!) and animal prints are totally in fashion for this Spring and Summer 2016.  And, for those of you who are still stepping cautiously into prints, this is a great way to get your feet wet! Classic Leopard is practically a neutral in the family of black, white, brown, and nude.... except it's way more exciting, totally sexy, and on-trend now!

Monarch Rules  
This print really got us going because of it's overall uplifting look. Monarch Rules makes the most of contrasting black on white in a way that is visually exciting and way more fun than a purely black and white combination.  Everyone seems to notice something different in this print, which is another aspect we appreciate.  We're thrilled when a print calls on the imagination and offers an opportunity for interpretation!   And, when a print is as flattering on the body as it is pleasing to the eyes then we know we've got a winner!    

True Black  Everybody wears black.  We all need that "grab it and go" staple in our wardrobe!  We created True Black for the go-to black.  You love our workhorse "Triple Threat" fabric so we made it in a deep, rich, true black.  True Black won't fade, won't pill, and won't roll down.  You'll wear and wash this garment a million times, and we know it! We made if for you, so grab it and go!  

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